The Nature Conservation Group for the Prestwood Area
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Registered charity No. 1114685

About Prestwood Nature

We are the Nature Conservation Group for the area around Prestwood, including  Great Missenden,
The Hampdens, The Kingshills,  North Dean and Speen

Our Aims

Prestwood Nature aims to protect and enhance the quality of the natural environment through the involvement of local people.

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Close up of the common spotted orchid

Welcome to Prestwood Nature

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What we do - Our activities include:

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Ecological Flora of the Central Chilterns

A comprehensive study of the flora of the central area of the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire has been undertaken by Tony Marshall and is being made available for downloading free of charge from this web site.

The first 15 well-illustrated sections covering trees, spore-bearing plants and some monocotyledons are currently available.

Click here to visit the download page

Orchids of the Chilterns

The latest section of Tony Marshall’s book “Ecological Flora of the Central Chilterns”  describes the numerous species of wild orchids which can be found in our section of the Chiltern Hills.   

These are some of the most delicate and beautiful of flowers;  one or two species are plentiful but most are found in only a few places and flower for just a short period of time.

Click here to download,  free of charge,  this section of Tony’s book.  Also you can subscribe free of charge to receive new sections and updates as they are released.       


Chalk fragrant orchid

The fly orchid which is pollinated by a wasp